Un-Common Sense

Brent’s strength is creating lasting behavior change. If you have a burning desire to be a top performer who has the passion—and humility—to grow and improve in sales, you can expect Brent to shift your thinking and behaviors, allowing you to achieve your full potential.

Bring Brent in for a Lunch and Learn, a half or full-day boot camp, or a robust on-going online interactive training for your team to have a common selling system, sales language, and accountability framework that has been proven for years to increase production right out of the gate!

Whether you’re missing a formal selling system all together, don’t have a scientific and proven formula for hiring and managing sales reps, need your current selling system optimized, or just in need of a diagnosis from a sales expert, Brent’s process puts sales teams’ performance in overdrive.

Employee Financial Wellness

You can change the lives of your employees. Lower their stress. Set them up for success. And we can help you do it. Employee well-being is critical to your organization’s bottom line. And it’s no longer just their physical well-being that must be considered. If employees are stressed about their current or future financial situations, they won’t bring their A-games to work every day.

The Foundation for Financial Wellness is a nonprofit organization that will conveniently provide you and your employees financial wellness resources at your workplace.

Designing Your Best Year Yet

It’s no surprise that more and more employees are reporting as being chronically overworked and overwhelmed. We all are being tugged at, distracted and diluted from the projects, tasks and most important goals in our lives. Any of these sound familiar…lack of time missing focus on key priorities, unexpected interruptions, multi-tasking, working 24/7, non-stop e-mail and too many meetings?

Anyone can set goals and make plans, but what matters most are results. Brent takes individuals and teams beyond goal-setting, bringing the often-absent concepts of accountability, collaboration, focus, and learning from the past into the process from beginning to end. Decades of behavior studies, adult learning theory and inspiration like only Brent can deliver makes this process a foundation for teams across the globe.

It’s time for what matters most. Allow Brent to facilitate your team through the art and science of producing results in business AND in life!


Brent’s philosophy and teachings are rooted in a practical, yet non-traditional way of being that will have a direct impact on your business—and your personal life—on day one. His guidance goes much deeper than sales techniques or financial well-being concepts. He also addresses your thinking and behaviors, which are often bigger barriers to success. In getting you to comfortably lower your walls and bring self-limiting beliefs and behaviors to the surface, Brent will help you break past patterns and drive significant results.
It’s no secret that Super Achievers think and act differently than everyone else. Begin implementing these key elements on Day 1!
Brent is the Executive Director and spokesman for the 501(c)3, Foundation for Financial Wellness which works with employers across the globe to help their people do a better job in managing their money and getting their financial houses in order and ultimately have a path and plan for financial peace.
It’s time for what matters most. Introducing the art and science of producing results in business AND in life!