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Brent’s background and experience is in Finance and Sales Coaching. In all his years of speaking and coaching top performers in these arenas, he will tell you that it’s no secret that elite performers think and act differently than everyone else. When examined, it makes good sense. Unfortunately, it is uncommon. Discover why and how “Un-Common Sense” separates the average performers from the elite performers!


Learn how to address the “Elephant in the Boardroom”, also known as employee financial distress. All ages and stages have financial wellness concerns that are distracting them from being their best at work. Education is a good enough starting point, but if employers prefer to see real improvements, it must be about behavior change!


Goal setting is nothing new. So, why do so many professionals fail at setting them, sticking to them, measuring them, much less actually achieving them? What do you believe about goals? Defining your philosophy, methodology and process is critical if you want your team and organization to finally have their Best Year Yet. Learn how to immediately engage your team, inspire commitment and find alignment and accountability to finally stay the course year in and year out!



Brent has spoken to thousands of top performing professionals where he extracts the “load bearing truths” of the human condition and what makes some people giants in terms of their influence and significance. The best-of-the-best are playing a bigger game than everyone around them…actually, these top performers often seem to be playing a different game altogether! Self-centricity, limiting beliefs, inadequate action and a splattering a tactics, tools or techniques that have been picked up over the years are all common examples of barriers that sabotage far too many professionals when confronting underwhelming results.
The most influential and well-known concept that Brent addresses is what he termed Servant Selling. During the multiple stages of the selling process, it is way too easy to experience drift in focus and ultimately fall into the trappings of being self-centric, selling on price, feeling like a pest as we chase prospects that going into hiding, or provide free consulting to these prospects that end up buying from someone else. Defining, focusing and executing on ”serving first” changes the rules, changes the trajectory of careers, and changes the lifestyles of those top producers who make this methodology their new way of being.



Brent has over 15 years of experience developing the potential of high performing teams. Brent offers companies an uncommon approach designed to create a culture of communication and excellence in organizations and teams of all sizes. Brent stands apart as a leader in strategic facilitation, executive leadership development, board development and keynote speaking.
Keynotes are delivered to touch, move and inspire audiences so that lives are enhanced, fundamental shifts in mindset are created, and levels of consciousness are raised to support the ongoing growth and development of leaders.
• Conscious Leadership
• Effective Relationships
• Mindset – Action – Results
• Owner vs. Victim
• Alignment vs. Agreement
• Team Alignment
• Living Your Whole Life on Purpose
• Family Business
• Mindfulness
Brent has delivered keynotes on these topics to audiences ranging from small non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 businesses.



Brent’s keynote and facilitation of the Best Year Yet methodology is not just about transforming your life and achieving goals, it’s about living your life at a higher level of purpose and energy. By following our proven system, you will achieve results that you may have only dreamed about in your life, your organization and your business.

The difference is astounding and the results speak for themselves. Best Year Yet helps businesses and organizations transform their cultures into vibrant, interactive and successful groups working toward a common goal, one that gets the desired results and more, year after year.


Brent is a multi-faceted, top-performance expert who through years of being a top producer in the financial services industry as well as coaching sales teams and executives, has developed a gift for delivering high-impact and inspiring presentations. His past and current clients will vouch for the effectiveness of his “Be-Do-Have” framework and as a result, they continue to set aside the budget to keep Brent coming back year after year.
Whether you’re planning an intimate training or large event, Brent can deliver a keynote presentation that will have everyone talking and more importantly, “doing”, months after it’s all said and done.
Brent is a natural born coach and that comes across from the stage with his unique ability to relate to each of his audiences by speaking to the specific struggles, frustrations, needs, and wants of each participant. Sharing what Brent coined as “load bearing truths” about the human condition, communication, psychology and biology, coupled with his humorous anecdotes and undeniable authenticity makes him the ideal speaker if you’re looking for true shifts in thinking, increases in healthy behaviors, and to experience significant results.


As a keynote speaker, Brent believes that “education without action is merely entertainment”. To only be an entertaining or motivational speaker is a great starting point, but too often motivation from the stage is only short-term fuel; it’s not sustainable. For measurable change and significant growth, there must be a deeper dive into the real issues, not just the symptoms. Years ago, Zig Ziglar had it right when he shared the concept of “Be – Do – Have”. Any one of these without the other two lacks balance, is ineffective, and will likely not result in return on investment for the individual participant or the hosting organization.

A self-made entrepreneur from very modest beginnings,to recovery from a crisis in his early-30’s, Brent has the battle scars and experience to give him immediate credibility with any audience or individual client. He has created multiple successful businesses, worked with the very highest performers in nearly every industry imaginable in the C-suite and also in the field with sales team members. When not directly working with clients, Brent can often be found with his wife and two kids, volunteering at their church in Highlands Ranch, CO, enjoying all the outdoors Colorado offers, or soaking up more “load bearing truths” from one of his favorite personal development thought leaders and mentors.

It’s no secret that Super Achievers think and act differently than everyone else. Begin implementing these key elements on Day 1!
Brent is the Executive Director and spokesman for the 501(c)3, Foundation for Financial Wellness which works with employers across the globe to help their people do a better job in managing their money and getting their financial houses in order and ultimately have a path and plan for financial peace.
It’s time for what matters most. Introducing the art and science of producing results in business AND in life!