A Proven System for Top Performing Professionals

Learning Objectives: To provide the operating system and uncommon sense methodology that is disrupting the status quo of business development, while uncovering the self-limiting blind spots and default beliefs that drives the decisions and behaviors of your competition. Participants will leave feeling inspired and equipped to be bold, be different, and be proud of their new path of top performance!

Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Team Leaders, Training & Development

Very early in his career as a young man, Brent was putting up head-turning sales numbers in the financial services industry and in turn was being invited to speak to organizations and their high performing teams, normally full of professionals much older than him, with decades more experience. Brent’s ability to challenge self-limiting beliefs, redirect default behaviors, and create huge results is something very un-common in itself!

So many of the negative connotations associated with the title of Salesperson are generations old and unfortunately, well-deserved. No respectable, business professional wants to be known as “Salesy” or as “Pushy, Slimy or Greasy”. So, where do these scripts come from and more importantly, are these potentially self-limiting beliefs to our success as business professionals, who are responsible for business development?

These principles have become a cornerstone in Brent’s life and something that he has passionately committed his life to sharing and coaching with others:

  • Principle #1: Role VS Soul
  • Principle #2: How are you Being?
  • Principle #3: Persuasion through Serving
  • Principle #4: The Emotional Brain
  • Principle #5: Communicating with Purpose

With his first-hand experience in business and multi-million-dollar sales teams, Brent offers a peer’s perspective when partnering with entrepreneurs, executives and sales team leaders. And as his clients will tell you, he is a natural listener, is genuinely invested in his clients, and offers actionable and effective solutions that you can feel proud about.

"His energy is always on..." Chad Williams - Private Wealth Advisor


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