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Un-common Sense In Accelerating Your Professional Practice

"Brent is a master on stage. He has a commanding presence when he's addressing an audience. He mixes the ability to express a theory in terms of what he's presenting, and tie it into very practical application to take action versus only feeling inspired or entertained."

Employee Financial Wellness – The Elephant in the Boardroom!

"The guy has so many ideas. His energy is always on, always high. He’s very funny and gets very, very prepared for whomever he is going to present. It's really just raising the bar, and I've been a benefactor of that. My life has significantly improved since I met Brent."


Un-Common Sense for Growing Your Professional Practice®

Very early in his career as a young man, Brent was putting up head-turning sales #’s and was being invited in to speak to organizations and their high performing teams, normally full of professionals much older with decades more experience than him.  Brent’s ability to challenge self-limiting beliefs, redirect default behaviors, and create huge results is something very Un-Common in of itself!

The Foundation for Financial Wellness®

Brent and his educational non-profit works with employers who want to help their people do a better job in managing their money and getting their financial house in order.  As a result of the Foundation’s work (at the work site and online), people are more focused on what matters, have more control regarding their finances, are more productive on the job and ultimately have a path and plan for financial freedom.

Brent is best described as a dynamic speaker who leads by example.  As a wildly successful serial entrepreneur, Brent’s well-earned notoriety comes from his two keynote topics of Un-Common Sense for Growing Your Professional Practice®, and the 501(c)3 non-profit that Brent founded, the Foundation for Financial Wellness®.

On a personal note, Brent adores his wife, Amy and two kids, Grayson and Lily, is passionate about his faith, and consistently craves salt water, sailing and the islands.  Unfortunately, he’s a landlocked pirate surrounded by the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in Denver!


1- Un-Common Sense for Growing Your Professional Practice

Be inspired as Brent masterfully calls out the most common blind spots of business professionals in their efforts to generate more sales.  Traditional sales can sometimes feel like a dirty word.  “Un-Common Sense” provides the path and the plan to crushing your sales goals while keeping your integrity in tact!


2- Employee Financial Wellness – The Elephant in the Boardroom!

Financial Wellness shouldn’t be a buzz word…what it should be, is a true employee wellness offering, when ignored or done poorly is costing employers and employees millions of dollars every year.


With the credibility of his many successful years as an entrepreneur, business speaker and performance coach in the professional services fields, Brent’s well-earned notoriety comes from his track record in mentoring top performers, creating strong leaders, and equipping teams with the necessary beliefs, behaviors and tools for business growth.  Brent is a specialist.  He works best with those in the fields of professional services…financial advisors, attorneys, engineers, medical sales, and even other coaches and consultants!


Brent’s “High Performing Teams” consulting work is facilitated in a manner where teams who desire higher performance get crystal clear and well aligned on their WHY, HOW and WHAT.


Brent’s framework helps define WHY your team does what it does, providing your team with purpose and momentum. Then, creating a strategy to achieve your goals becomes realistic and vital.

It’s no secret that Super Achievers think and act differently than everyone else. Begin implementing these key elements on Day 1!
Brent is the Executive Director and spokesman for the 501(c)3, Foundation for Financial Wellness which works with employers across the globe to help their people do a better job in managing their money and getting their financial houses in order and ultimately have a path and plan for financial peace.
It’s time for what matters most. Introducing the art and science of producing results in business AND in life!

What Brent’s Clients Say

What lasting impact did your last keynote speaker have? Chances are...not enough!

  • TransAmerica
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Texas Workforce Commission
  • Medtronic
  • Allianz
  • RTD
  • John Hancock
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